One of the saddest periods of my service career was when I was serving at Akrotiri in the late seventies. There was a rather sorry looking Vulcan across the airfield from where I usually worked at TASF and it was considered to be just part of the scenery.

One day in early 1977, we were told that because of the nervousness of a certain communist state something had to be done about our Vulcan. It was impossible to fly her out or even attempt to make her airworthy so there was only one thing we could do and that was to break her up. I won’t go into the details of how this was accomplished, but needless to say there was a rather large bonfire, and the powers that be were happy with the results, even though we weren’t.

I don’t recall the registration of the Vulcan, but I wonder if anyone else has memories of the aircraft at Akrotiri?