Delighted when the V-Force Tour dates coincided with a visit to our Bassenthwaite Lakeside lodge, a trip to the Solway Aviation Museum, was planned – then a dilemma.

The promulgation of the flight plan indicated the Vulcan was to cross Bassenthwaite Lake. An option to view from the lake shore but feared, dependent on altitude, it may only be a glimpse. The decision was made to climb Dodd Fell (1620 feet) a viewpoint that allowed the aircraft to be tracked down the Solway Firth before focusing on her arrival at Bassenthwaite.

It seemed a long wait looking out above the fells, in fact there was a need, not to look up but to look down! A bird’s eye view, the Vulcan several hundred feet below flying down the length of the lake. The Osprey Project Viewpoint (930 feet) may have proved a better vantage point, giving an opportunity of also seeing the aircraft circle Keswick. However, it was priceless to be able to capture just 27 seconds of video, not of a rare bird but of a unique one.