In early May 1958 I was called up to do my two years of National Service.

With some trepidation I had reported to RAF Cardigan for kitting out, followed by ‘square bashing’ at RAF Wilmslow(now closed) then trade training at RAF Hereford (now the SAS Base).

Very close to RAF Wilmslow was the Airfield at Woodford owned by BAC, as it was then, where the Vulcans were assembled and tested prior to handing over for service with the RAF.

One morning we were doing our bit on the square when the howl of an approaching Vulcan could be heard. Our Drill Instructor ordered us to halt, and right face, just as the Vulcan was overhead, and I guess at about 2000 ft. Immediately over the square the pilot opened the throttles and stood the Vulcan on its tail to do a vertical climb into cloud.

Although under strict instruction not to move, almost all the recruits looked up and some shook with the noise created!! The drill corporal yelled ‘all right you lot it’s one of ours’. The memories remain…Unforgettable!!