Some of my earliest memories as a child living on a farm in Blaxton, almost at the end of the runway are of Valiants and then the awesome Vulcans stationed at the base in the sixties and seventies.

Having to have one of the farm houses demolished because the chimney stacks were so tall and almost under the flight path.

Sitting on top of the straw stack watching a Vulcan on final approach, almost within touching distance and seconds later two small whirl winds lifting straw from the yard, the vortices from the wing tips.

We grew so used to the white delta in the skies that we hardly noticed as they flew round and round for hours on end doing touch and go training or the vibration as they took off towards Bawtry, but on the rarer occasions when they took off to the north over the farm the first you knew was that famous ear shattering spine tingling Vulcan howl.

So sad that XH558 is in it’s last season but a trip down memory lane for me to see it at Fairford 2015.