My earliest memory of the Vulcan Bomber was as a teenager living in Warrington in the 60’s. It used to fly over our house in Orford.

I will always remember the sound of it before it actually passed overhead. We got to recognise the sound of it and would run into the house telling anyone who was there that the Vulcan Bomber was coming.

We would all dash outside to see it fly over. It was a magnificent sight and sound. It was a privilege to see in flight.

I have seen it since at Southport Air Show and the excitement of seeing it has never left me. It will always have a special place in my heart.

It was loud, it was big and probably to some it was bulky but to me it was elegant, awesome and made me proud to be British. To me it was, and always will be the best of British engineering.

So sad to see it leave our skies for it final flight. The last flight will be a really sad day for a lot of people and I will be one of them.

Thanks for the memories to all that kept it going for so long.