Like so many air minded chaps, I had first seen the prototype Vulcan at Farnborough in 1952 when Roly Falk gave that immaculate display later culminating in the famous barrel-roll in 1955.

My next major memory was in June 1963 at the Salon d’Aeronatique at Le Bourget where the Vulcan display proved to be a remarkable show-stopper for tens-of-thousands of visitors when the pilot roared off, climbed incredibly steeply, wing-overed into a fast low level run, turned on a sixpence then remained within the airfield/display boundary throughout the next twenty minutes of the RAF Flight Lieutenant’s spectacular display which was greeted by crowds with roars of heart-get applause.

I later heard that the pilot had been reprimanded for ‘using up’ many years worth of airframe fatigue life, let alone valuable engine hours!

A breath-taking display which incidentally was the same day on which Bill Bedford had crash -landed a p1127 at the end of his display not far from my vantage point.