As an atc cdt from 1440 sqdn shore Hamby-sea at annual camp at RAF Cottesmore in about 65 l was selected to fly in one of the stations Vulcans. As a front line a/c l had to be tested at RAF Henlow aeromedical centre for breathing oxygen and tested in the decompression chamber, also had tuition on emergency escape etc. and the use of parachute and lifesaving equipment.

My big day arrived 2 days later 7-8-65 met my crew and as this was an unusual event a mod photographer recorded 2 of the crew (myself with flying helmet) and XM650 behind. After a briefing and walk round with the crew we entered the aircraft and l took up my position in rear central seat next to the bombing navigator and facing backwards. As we were going on a test flight the a/c was lightly loaded and on take off with the steep angle was fantastic only way to see was through a periscope. Flying up the east coast and seeing the radar image of the ground beneath us and returning to base. Marvellous memory.