I grew up in Ramsgate, Kent in the 1960s, our house was very close to the approach flightpath to RAF Manston some 3 miles away. I have two memories I would like to record.

The first is that I was a typical boy, aircraft mad. At the time I didn’t realise what a privilege it was to routinely see Vulcans, Victors and Valiants fly past my house – all in gloss white at that stage – and certainly in the case of the Vulcans with Blue Steel stand-off missiles visible underneath. It would be quite a few years later that I realised what a potentially chilling sight they were.

My second memory, night flying from RAF Manston. Whilst no V bomber squadrons were ever based at Manston, there were many occasions when they were there for short periods. Once again it is Vulcans I remember specifically. They would undertake night circuit flying for hours on end, often with 2-4 aircraft in the circuit at a time, loud enough to crack a window on one occasion !