In 1956 I was a 20yr old Corporal and posted to Christmas Island for Operation Grapple, the British H bomb tests, which took place in May 1957.

I was in the Radio Servicing Bay looking after the Radar Altimeter carried by the White Variants which dropped the Test bombs. These aircraft had to be de-contaminated after the drops along with the Sniffer Canberra’s on a special pan opposite the Radio Servicing Hut. So that’s the Valiant V- Bombers .

In 1969 I was posted to RAF Akrotiri as a Chiefly in ASF 2nd Line support for the Vulcans of 9 and 35 Squadrons. This was a Very interesting time as they were now in the Low Level delivery mode and I looked after the TFR radar in the nose.

So I have been associated close up with Variants and Vulcans, and at RAF Wyton we had Victors, which during my time there lost one whilst display practicing when the high tail plane detached.