My father David Corbet was a Chief Tech in the RAF who worked on V Force bombers.

Growing up in the early 1960s on RAF bases in the UK and also in Germany I was immersed in a soundtrack of various loud and exciting aircraft. Of all the aircraft I always had three favourites – the thrilling Lightning, the dashing Hawker Hunter and above all the awesome Vulcan. I saw the Vulcan so many times as a child, including seeing the earth shaking scrambles of four Vulcans, one after the other and these were often never to be forgotten thrills. I once again saw the Vulcan at the 2014 Bournemouth Air Festival as a 57 year old and it was still as awe inspiring as it had always been.

Of course I now know that what I was witnessing as a wide eyed child all those years ago were our brave airmen going about their roles to ensure the defence of our nation at a time of enormous tensions during the Cold War. In memory of my late father and all other V Force crew.