In my early teens I used to go to the Air shows at Middleton St. George with my Dad.

Later circa 1965, after the air show was no longer on (I think the field was then civilian), two of us (now older around 15) travelled by train to Accrington, for a air show. We were the only ones who used the station, and walked to the show from there.

Whilst walking back, a Valiant which had been on static, taxied out to take off. The route back to the railway station took us past the end of the run way, which is where we were when the aircraft started to rev. up. We were close and jumped into a ditch to watch. The draft from the engines seemed strong, but memory can play tricks.

As the plane moved forward it suddenly stopped and all the occupants jumped out. The wheel was doused with fire extinguishers and smoke or steam came off it. We thought a tyre had burst. we had to set off for the train but I think the fire engine came to and the plane returned to the apron.