As a 19 year old ground engineer at Marham I was on The Valiant base at Marham in 1961.

I married my Norfolk girlfriend, and was later posted to El Adem in Libya. As a 22 year old I was often on night guard for the Vulcans, which had to be protected as they overnighted on exercises.

My wife put up with the Desert, the sandstorm Ghibli’s, and her first pregnancy.

Life at El Adem was hard but we got through it. When the three of us left in 66, I thought I would never see the place again.

I became Aircrew in 67/68 and as part of the Hercules force was there again every few weeks! I was on the crew of the last Hercules leaving El Adem when Gadhafi threw us out! When ever I see a Vulcan, I think of those perishing cold guard duty nights walking around under that big wing.

My wife never lived to see the end of the Era.