I used to ride my motorbike past Manston Aerodrome on my way home from work. I loved seeing planes go over, and knew quite a few of them. But one day, I heard something really loud. I stopped at the roadside and a Vulcan flew overhead, very low, turning, and then going in to land. The ground shook, and I could hardly believe the size and impact of this incredible plane. At that time, I had never seen a Vulcan. All I knew was that Vulcans had managed to reach the Falklands during that conflict, and were about to be retired. Now, here was one, directly overhead. It was astonishing, and unforgettable.

I later visited a static Vulcan at an air museum and was lucky enough to be allowed on board, where I was fascinated by the tiny cockpit.

When I heard of the attempt to get a Vulcan flying again, I was happy to make donations every year to support the cause.