I was born in 1960 & from an early age, my dad, Bill Wood, used to tell me about the Lancaster bombers he had worked on as an electrician in WW2.

When I was about 6 or 7, dad took me to Woodford air show near Manchester. We had watched a few aeroplanes display, which I had enjoyed, when he turned to me & said,

‘son, here is our new Bomber, the mighty Vulcan’.

This black, V shaped apparition, gradually appeared out of the gloom & flew low & fast down the crowd line before it soared skywards with an almighty howling sound as a tremendous force seemed to pummel my whole body into jelly.

I don’t know which Vulcan that was, but since then, on innumerable visits to air shows, she’s always been my aeroplane. The size, shape & sheer aesthetics do the job but when coupled up with the awesome noise, performance & physical sensation that 4 x Olympus engines can dole out, coupled with the most beautiful sound on the planet, THE HOWL, keep her in my heart. XH558 Thank you so much.