I recall vividly a fine display, by a Vulcan, whilst on ATC Camp to RAF Scampton back in July 1969.

27, 83 and 617 squadrons were the residents. It was our ‘sports’ afternoon but it was interrupted by the approach by a Victor and Vulcan.

The Vulcan peeled off and the Victor did a very fine routine. But when the Vulcan appeared it wowed everyone around. Being as it was a non public routine and a Wednesday over an operational RAF base, there was no restriction!

The crew flew it around at varying heights but all pretty low. But the most memorable part was the final pass at full chat and a steep climbing turn with a roll off the top!!

meanwhile to ‘poor’ Victor re-joined with the Vulcan in a duo flypast before breaking away and headed off to its own base. Truly an awesome sight and a sound to behold. It was a period when the aircraft were in the green, medium sea grey over white finish(my favourite scheme) and Blue Steels were the weapons of the day. Happy days!