For over 50 years I have retained the memory of seeing my first Vulcan display for the very reason that sitting in the stand that day, we were literally blown out of our seats by the back blast of her mighty engines.

The year was 1959 and the aircraft drifted gently in from our left following the line of the runway, but then when level with the stand and without warning, she performed a 90 degree turn to port and the pilot ‘put his foot down’ and went almost straight up and away from us. The result left us spectators gripping tightly to our seats to avoid being blown off the stand as the gale force back thrust of the engines threatened to blow us off the back of the stand.

It was only following a VIP tour of XH558 to celebrate my 80th birthday that I thought of searching for any record of this and to and behold I cam up with a news video for Farnborough 1959 taken from close to where I had been sitting and showed that it was Vulcan XH536 who put the fear of God into us spectators that day. What an experience. XH536 was unfortunately lost a few years later in the Welsh hills.