To the many thousands of People who go to our International Air Show, The Wonderful Avro Vulcan has been and will always be ‘ The Star of The Show ‘ a few Years ago for some reason , I think it was due to Fog XH 588 was unable to come to Jersey to perform , so it was the very next Year, after all the Rebuild had taken place that she came between Elizabeth Castle and The Water Front out of misty conditions again to thrill the Jersey People once more after previous appearances when under the R.A.F. ownership, I was so thrilled to see the Wonderful Vulcan again that words fail me to describe just what she meant to me to see and hear this fabulous, iconic masterpiece of the British Aero Industry.

XH 588 made One or Two more visits to our Air Show , and the last one was superb with First Pilot Martin Withers leading The Red Arrows over Bel Royal and I have a Picture of this beautiful piece of Formation Flying in my Home.

So sorry she will not be visiting The Island of Jersey again.