When I was young, in the 80s, I lived in a village called North Carlton, which was about a mile from the end of RAF Scampton’s runway. This was a tense time of the Cold War, and Vulcans would regularly scramble, flying low over our village. You could feel the ground rumble and house windows rattle such was the noise. Only now I realise how lucky I was to live there.

One day some years later I was invited to spend a day with the team looking after the Vulcan display aircraft which was based at RAF Scampton. A friend of the family, Phil, was an avionics (I think) engineer. I was allowed inside the plane, in the cockpit, sat in the air intake too!

I remember this was 1988 because we watched the Euro football championships while the plane was away on display. I remember the match, just shows what a memorable day it was!