The early part of my life was spent living in Wilmslow Cheshire not far from the AV Roe factory at Woodford and the Vulcans used to come over our house on test they seemed big and loud.

In later life I relocated to Brigg in Lincolnshire (South Humberside) and was near to the flight path to Scampton so saw Vulcans again on a regular basis until they all decamped to Waddington after the Falklands war.

I had the pleasure of seeing a 4 ship scramble at Waddington’s air show in 1979 seriously impressive getting 4 airborne in approx. 1m 20secs.

At one show at Finningley & was assisting Air UK with pleasure flights and one of the pilots was a friend of XH558’s crew and I got to go in the cockpit and unforgettable experience. When car alarms came in XH558 doing a touch & go really created havoc.