My first memory of the Avro Vulcan was when my family moved to Kimberley in Nottinghamshire, in 1957.

We lived on a hill about 3 miles from the end of the Rolls-Royce flight test facility at Hucknall. At that time, the prototype Vulcan, registration VX770, was flight testing Rolls-Royce Conway engines which were more powerful than the original Avon and early Olympus engines.

The Vulcan would fly low over our bungalow several times a week, displaying its pure delta wing and white finish. Sadly, this Vulcan broke up in mid-air and crashed at Syerston Airfield during a display in September 1958.

In the following years, one of the most exciting displays was the Vulcan scramble, when three Vulcans would get into the air in less than 2 minutes after the firing of a starting flare. Twelve Olympus engines at full throttle was some experience! These displays would take place at various times, from the three RAF Bomber Command bases around Lincoln – Waddington, Scampton and Finningley.