In the 1960’s as a teenager I lived near RAF Burtonwood. At that time the Americans were stationed there. I think it was used as a repair and service depot, and my father, an aircraft engineer, worked for the Americans at the base.

I remember ‘sneaking’ onto the airfield to see 3 or 4 white Vulcans parked near the main runway, ready for a quick take-off if required. I never saw those planes fly in or out, and never saw any personnel working on them. They were such an iconic sight, all the more exciting for me as I was trespassing, and would surely have been in big trouble had I been discovered, especially armed with my little Ilford camera!!

Now I live in Woodford, next to the airfield and factory where all the Vulcans were made, and have become more aware of the history of the aircraft. I recently saw the flyover by XH558. Brilliant memory!!!