From April 1952 – May 1958 working as an Apprentice at the Weybridge works, In the Tool room for about 2 years then in various departments.

My first encounter with the then new Valiant , first of the V Force aircraft, was as a Fitters mate fixing rubber tank receptacles in the Fuselage fuel tanks. These were the very first Production aircraft. Following on from there, I moved from dept. to dept. covering Hydraulics, Undercarriage assy, Wing assy the noise of riveting was horrendous!!!. Electrical loom assy and installation. So I was able to see the whole process from raw materials to the finished aeroplanes.

Later in my time there I worked in Research and Development , Barnes Wallis et L, where the newly formed Plastics dept. was situated in the old Dunlop House which is close the runways end, Railway end. where we were able to watch the Valiants take off to go to Wisley for final fitting out prior to delivery to the RAF. very noisy too with 4 Avons at full thrust for a short t/o.