I was an SAC at Finningley working in 2 Hangar paint shop and was on a job at BCDU in 1 Hangar when the crash alarm sounded and being snoopy we went to the airfield side and took a look at the circuit but saw nothing and was turning back inside when we spotted a strange sight with one of the aircraft at a funny angle compared to the others on the flight line. We all grabbed a 2 gallon fire extinguisher and ran to give any assistance we could. The engine was still running down when we arrived and a strong smell of fuel, the crew had blown the canopy and had escaped and were safe. All we did was standby until the fire service arrived.

The aircraft in question was XH556 and as I recall it was thrown on the fire dump but came to a premature end when it was used for fire practice and set ablaze but the fire service could not get across the threshold because of other aircraft in the circuit so XH556 went up in smoke in one go.