12th September 1987, RAF Abingdon.

I thought my four year old daughter would enjoy the dynamic and colourful spectacle of the Red Arrows who were due to display at this Battle of Britain event, so I parked the buggy on the perimeter road and waited. Instead of nine red jet trainers a familiar delta shape joined the circuit and the dynamics turned out to be a little different.

In anticipation of an aural overload of monumental proportions I gathered together what I could to fashion makeshift ear defenders but as XH558 of the Vulcan Display Flight completed ‘The Roller’ and climbed directly above us the deafening roar drowned out Hannah’s cries.

Fast forward 28 years to Wellesbourne Wings and Wheels 2015 and Hannah is reunited with XH558. No tears this time. The display made such an impression she went to Scarborough the following weekend for the Armed Forces Day display there as part of the V-Force Tour.

That’s the ‘Vulcan effect’, once experienced never forgotten.