Altitude Switch (Setting 4)

Altitude Switch (Setting 4)

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VTA Auction 1 L1

VTA May Auction 1 Lot 1

This Teddington Aircraft Controls Ltd Altitude Switch was used as an integral part of the air conditioning and temperature control system of an Avro vulcan for crew comfort within the cabin

Whilst Plain to look at externally this item would be best opened and displayed since the intricacy of the manufacture has to be seen. The piece also comes with an MOD Form 731 indicating a serviceable instrument dated 18 January 1982 when checked at RAF Scampton

Name: Altitude Switch 2

Setting 4

Type: PAD/A/O

Sec/Ref Number: 5CW 4402921 (original Number 5CW/5140 pre-NATO)

Serial Number: 7247