Elevon to PFCU Connection Lever

Elevon to PFCU Connection Lever

Winning Bid: £35.00

VTA Auction 1 L5

VTA May Auction 1 Lot 5

The lightweight, relatively, but strong alloy lever was used to connect the elevons to the electro-hydraulic PFCU’s.

The PFCU’s  (Powered Flying Control Unit’s) are electrically powered are operate the aircraft control surfaces that combine the functions of the elevator and the aileron, on the Vulcan including Rudder, inner and outer Elevons

The unit weighs 690gm

Accompanying the unit is an unusual O.H.M.S. label tag instead of the more common MOD form 731, this indicates that the part was sent direct to stores after manufacturer.

Reference Number: 26DC/1433603

Part Number: 14R4426