Eric Brown A Pilots Story – DVD

Eric Brown A Pilots Story – DVD



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Eric Brown A Pilots Story – DVD

“Deck landing was a very difficult business. The back end of the vessel, at the worst, was moving through an arc of sixty feet. Now that was virtually impossible for landing but we were up there and had to get back”. 

Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown’s calm description on camera of the reality of a naval pilot during the Battle of the Atlantic recalls a kind of warfare that’s beyond the comprehension of anyone who has not experienced it. Yet Eric Brown would survive it – along with years of life as test pilot flying new aircraft in the most extreme circumstances.

Eric had an astonishing career. He is credited with over 2400 carrier landings (no one else has come close) as well as being the holder of numerous ‘firsts’. His record of flying 487 different types of aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, including many Axis aircraft after WWII will never be broken.

As a post war test pilot, Eric made a significant contribution to the development of both military and civil aircraft design. He and Sir Frank Whittle (inventor of the jet engine) had been old friends since working together on Britain’s pioneer wartime turbojet aircraft.

An 80 minute DVD is barely able to do justice to the fascinating story of a man who had an extraordinary life. 

Running Time: 80 minutes approx.