Haynes RAF Typhoon Owners’ Workshop Manual

Haynes RAF Typhoon Owners’ Workshop Manual



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Haynes RAF Typhoon Owners’ Workshop Manual
1994 onwards (all marks) – An insight into owning, flying and maintaining the world’s most advanced multi-role fast jet
Author: Antony Loveless

‘There are few experiences that compare to doing a performance take-off in a Typhoon. You engage max reheat and keep it on the runway until you see 250 knots appear ridiculously quickly on the airspeed indicator in the HUD. Then you pull back on the stick to a sixty-degree nose-up attitude, clean her up by bringing the gear up and she’ll just keep on climbing. At a guess, I’d say from brakes off to 40,000 feet in 90 seconds would be about right.’

This graphic view from an RAF Typhoon pilot gives an insight into the awesome performance of the RAF’s newest and most potent combat aircraft.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a truly remarkable aircraft, marrying cutting-edge materials and production techniques with state-of-the-art technology. The result is the most advanced, manoeuvrable and efficient multi-role combat jet currently in service anywhere in the world.

With the full cooperation of the RAF, author Antony Loveless has entered the world of the RAF Typhoon to give readers a compelling insight into what makes it such a potent warplane. He lifts the inspection panels to discover how the Typhoon works, meets the pilots to understand what it’s like to fly and operate, and rolls up his sleeves with the engineers to learn what it takes to keep it flying.

Author: Journalist Antony Loveless is the author of a number of books including Blue Sky Warriors (Haynes, 2010) and the critically-acclaimed bestseller Sweating the Metal, which he ghosted for FIt Lt Alex Duncan DFC, AFC. He lives in Belfast.

ISBN: 9780857330758
Format: Hardback
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