Operation Safeguard

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Rewards Package

For a donation of £30 or £50 you, or a nominated person will become an XH558 Guardian Member for 12 months, and your benefits will include:

Regular e-mail newsletters with Vulcan news and members only articles on the VTST web site including up-to-the-minute new build up-dates from the site of the new hangar, news on XH558 including maintenance up-dates plus progress on the development of the Vulcan Experience and the Green Technology Hub.

A certificate for you to frame to show your support.

• A bi-annual full colour Guardians’ magazine.

Advanced access to Vulcan XH558 events when released.

Operation Safeguard Certificate
“I greatly look forward to my Guardians’ Magazine arriving in the post; it’s packed with interesting features on the V-Bomber Force, the Cold War and classic aviation at its best. And, of course, it has all of the latest news on my favourite aircraft – Vulcan XH558. I recommend this high quality magazine to anyone with a passion for aviation – you won’t be disappointed!”
Nigel Price
Editor, Britain at War Magazine
Operation Safeguard Guardian Magazine

PLUS: Included with a £50 donation

Operation Safeguard Bomb Bay Fuel Tank
Your name in perpetuity on a new hangar Safeguard exhibit. Your chosen name will be placed on the bomb bay fuel tank removed from XH558 after she flew into Bruntingthorpe Airfield on the 23 March 1993, her last flight in RAF Service.
A reproduction of Vulcan XH558’s Aircraft Identification Plate displaying the unique details of this remarkable aircraft.
Operation Safeguard Identification Plate

PLUS: Included with a £30 donation

Operation Safeguard Wing Tips

Your name in perpetuity on a new hangar Safeguard exhibit, honouring all those who will have made the new home possible. Your chosen name will be placed on one of the two Vulcan wing tips that will form the exhibit. 

The two specially-mounted original Vulcan port and starboard wing tips are major items from the spares purchased from the MoD when XH558 left RAF service and are from the mid 1960s era.

A sample set of genuine Avro/ Hawker Siddeley Aviation fasteners from the RAF stock purchased with XH558.

Operation Safeguard Rivets

What is Operation Safeguard?

From the earliest days of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust’s work, the charity has always had two guiding principles, to honour those who served us in the past and to inspire future generations to help maintain the United Kingdom’s historic role at the forefront of innovation in aviation.

We are proud to announce a major fundraising campaign to build The Vulcan Experience, a dedicated new home at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) that will embody those guiding principles in a unique and memorable centre.

Operation Safeguard Hangar Interior

The Vulcan Experience​


A return of the “Vulcan Experience” with full access to the iconic Avro Vulcan XH558, where visitors will be able to hear and see the story of her history, her restoration to flight in 2007 and the part played by the RAF’s V-Force aircraft in preserving the peace during the Cold War.

The Green Technology Hub

The Green Technology Hub initiative where youngsters, already energised by climate changes urgencies, are inspired to become engineers, essential in tackling the problems we face.
Green Technology Hub
Operation Safeguard Hangar

The V-Force Memorial


To honour the men and women who lost their lives keeping us safe during the Cold War, a “V-Force Memorial Wall” will be erected.


Events venue in a truly unique setting.
Operation Safeguard Events Hangar

Canberra WK163

Fully carbon neutral live restoration project in WK163

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You can help to build Vulcan XH558’s new home, honour those who served us in the past and to inspire future generations.

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