PVC Patch – Operation Black Buck

PVC Patch – Operation Black Buck



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PVC Patch – Operation Black Buck

Detailed PVC patch, showing Vulcan and Victor aircraft above the Falkland Islands.

Vulcan XM607 undertook the first Black Buck raid, piloted by our own Martin Withers DFC. Following the raid there was one last refuelling to take place, off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Martin had never been airborne in a Vulcan carrying less fuel than he was as 607 closed in on the final refuelling rendezvous. He described his first glimpse of the Victor tanker as “the most beautiful sight in the world”.

PVC is a soft and adaptable material that can be moulded into any shape and colour allowing amazing detail and precision. It is flexible and lightweight, yet very durable.

  • 88mm (3.5″) diameter
  • Velcro back to sew onto clothing, bags…etc

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