Restoration DVD Part 1

Restoration DVD Part 1



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Restoration DVD Part 1
Returning Avro Vulcan XH558 Back to Flight

A fascinating story documenting this once in a life time opportunity to return the mighty Vulcan bomber to the skies again – and the determination of the team behind it to see that dream become reality.

The DVD story starts with the contamination examination, and non-destructive testing of the airframe using x-ray, ultrasound, eddy current and videoscope. Enhanced inspections led to a thorough manual examination of the airframe looking for signs of dissimilar metal corrosion, and many systems which are no longer required have to be removed including the Red Steer radar.

A skilled group of technicians and engineers have been selected – a mix of Marshall Aerospace and Vulcan Operating Company – many of whom are former vulcan crew. Their job isnt an easy one as access to the airframe can involve awkward manoeuvring through small panels, or into confined spaces.

This DVD also features a guided tour around the hangar, an introduction to the bays including propulsion, auxiliary power units, electrical, tools stores and structures. Plus the engineers have to go back to school to study Vulcan systems, and exams have to be passed before they can continue work on the aircraft.

Running time: 82 mins plus 12 mins bonus features