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Restoration DVD Part 2

Restoration DVD Part 2



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Restoration DVD Part 2
The Continuing Story of XH558’s Return to Flight

Vulcan XH558 was grounded in 1993 and attracted a dedicated team of enthusiasts, professionals and engineers who assembled at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire to restore this iconic aircraft back to flight. This team is closer than ever to reaching that goal as XH558 begins the rectification phase of the restoration.

The structures bay is at the heart of this phase, with many Vulcan parts passing through the area. Amongst the many jobs to be completed are repairs to skins in the fuel tanks, jet pipes and air intakes, the removal of serious corrosion in the bomb aimer’s blister, and a key modification to the rear spar that must be completed to extend XH558’s fatigue life.

The Trust have faced many financial difficulties but none have come closer to pushing the project to the brink of failure than the short-fall in funds that preceded Roll Out. The dramatic announcement that the Vulcan Operating Company staff would all be made redundant galvanised public support.

With only days left and following exceptional national media coverage, a staggering £1.2m was donated and pledged at the eleventh hour confirming that XH558 is the people’s aeroplane. The programme ends with the dramatic and historic Roll Out, marking the achievement of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust as it reaches another important milestone, in the continuing story of Vulcan XH558.

Running time: 90 mins plus 17 mins bonus features