Reunion of Giants – Canadian Lancaster Tour

Reunion of Giants – Canadian Lancaster Tour



REUNION OF GIANTS – The Official Lancaster UK Tour Documentary.

There are only two Avro Lancasters left flying in the world today and when they joined and flew together, it was…HISTORY IN THE MAKING.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is pleased to present REUNION OF GIANTS The Official Lancaster UK Tour Documentary! It had been 50 years since two Avro Lancaster bombers flew side by side. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Avro Lancaster, Vera, flew from Hamilton, Ontario to meet her British counterpart, Thumper the only other surviving flight worthy Lancaster bomber in the world the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flights (BBMF) Lancaster in England.

This much anticipated documentary includes first-hand accounts from the men and women who experienced the war and were connected to the Lancaster. It transports the viewer back in time as they share what it was like during the Lancasters glory days. REUNION OF GIANTS documents this historic mission as it unfolds through the eyes of the flight crews, veterans, friends and family. It includes all parts in this new chapter of the bomber’s history, as Vera crosses the Atlantic.

Running Time: 83 minutes.
Aspect ratio 16:9.
PCM stereo and 5.1 sound.

Please note: Vulcan XH558 only features in a short article within this production.