The BAe (Hawker Siddley) RAF Harrier

The BAe (Hawker Siddley) RAF Harrier



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The BAe (Hawker Siddley) RAF Harrier
A Comprehensive Guide
by Andy Evans

Once described as a ‘peculiar British oddity’ and of ‘not being able to carry a matchbox across a football field – let alone carry an effective warload’, the ubiquitous Harrier has developed into one of the most recognisable and effective aircraft of the last four decades. Designed by the innovate Sidney Camm of Hawker Siddeley, the Harrier introduced the jump-jet concept into modern warfare, and it was the Royal Air Force who quickly saw the possibilities of this unique aircraft and brought it into squadron service.

Although adopted by the US Marines, this new book concentrates on the Harrier in RAF service, from the P.1127, via the Kestrel and GR.1 to the Harrier GR.9 flown by todays pilots. The RAF Harrier MDF will look at the development of the aircraft, its war roles in the Falklands conflict, the Gulf and current operations over Afghanistan.

ISBN: 9781906959135
Format: Paperback
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Illustrations: includes diagrams, drawings, black & white and colour photographs