Two Vulcans – The Last Farewell – XM655 & XH558

Two Vulcans – The Last Farewell – XM655 & XH558



Two Vulcans – The Last Farewell – XM655 & XH558

At the 2015 Wellesbourne Wings & Wheels show Vulcan XM655 was joined her sister aircraft XH558 in her last flying season; an emotional ‘last farewell’ amid the uncertainties of ‘655’s future since there are plans to replace the airfield with a housing estate.

Part 1. Introducing AVRO Vulcan XM655, the most intact and original Vulcan in preservation, showing the cockpit in detail and the Volunteers and Air Cadets at work on a typical Saturday maintaining her in taxiable condition.

This is followed by the Wings and Wheels 2015 Highlights including the display that the elder sister gave to her youngest surviving Vulcan family member.

Part 2. XM655 Fast Taxy in Real Time. A much longer look, shown in real time, of a crew-in, start up, taxy,aborted take-off, taxy back and shutdown of XM655. Includes multiple on board, flightline and airborne cameras with audio.

Running time: Approximately 75 minutes