Unique Aero Artefacts 5

Unique Aero Artefacts 5



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Unique Framed Aircraft Component Display 5

This unique display showcases a selection of components from aircraft of the 1950’s.and 1960’s and sometimes even later.

Whilst the majority will be AVRO Vulcan or EE Canberra, even Boeing may be included, certainly original equipment manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, Dowty, Lucas and Dunlop will be included. So components may be from hydraulic system, electrical, airframe, pneumatic , engines or controls. Each display is accompanied with a replica AVRO Vulcan XH558 Aircraft Identification plate

Singly, mixed or matched they make great display items and a guaranteed talking point.

Measuring approximately 350mm x 340mm and 50mm deep, the case is constructed from materials recovered from original AVRO transport packing cases. These packing cases were delivered to the RAF in the early years of the AVRO Vulcan service life. They were made to last and they have!

The framed case can be wall mounted, stood on display or laid flat. The rear of the piece is fitted with pads to protect surfaces from scratching

The display contains fragile parts and whilst wired in place and secured with adhesive to avoid breakages please handle with extreme care.

Please note that the components have not be removed from XH558 unless specifically identified.


We in no way guarantee or imply the airworthiness of any parts we sell and advise that if parts are to be used on active aircraft their airworthiness is tested and certified by the relevant bodies prior to use.