Vulcan Interactive DVD

Vulcan Interactive DVD



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Vulcan Interactive DVD

Produced in association with our official DVD partners – Planes TV, this DVD delivers a whole new entertainment dimension.

3 Hi-definition on-board cameras recorded an entire sortie from start-up to shut-down.

Narrated by Broadcaster Seán Maffett, a former RAF Squadron leader and the voice of Vulcan XH558, as our official commentator. Seán was also senior commentator at the RAF Fairfords Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) for 28 years.

Theres a full air show display and an air-to-air photography appointment on the way back. Swap between the ground view and on-board view at will. Swap between the ground sound , the on-board sound and explanation from the engineers and flight crew of whats happening on board.

You can watch this DVD 20 times and every viewing is a new entertainment experience. No Vulcan fan should be without this comprehensive and technically brilliant production.