Vulcan Ventures – Testing Times

Vulcan Ventures – Testing Times



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Vulcan Ventures – Testing Times
Author: Edmund Squibb
Illustrator: Margaret Doig

There was a typical autumn chill in the air, and the hangar was absolutely freezing. FiveFiveEight didn’t mind, she was used to the cold. As she opened her tired eyes, she could see teeny-weeny droplets of water dripping off her nose. She couldn’t look for long, because it made her cross-eyed, and she really didn’t want to stay that way forever! As she peered around the darkened hangar, nothing seemed different to any other day, but FiveFiveEight just had a funny feeling in her wings – that feeling we all have when we know something is different but just can’t say what.

The adventures of FiveFiveEight and all her friends, telling the story of her return to flight in a child friendly fashion that is entertaining for adults too!

For Ages 5 – 99 years

  • ISBN: 9780956314628
  • Format: Paperback
  • Product Pages: 28
  • Dimensions: 295x210x4mm