Vulcan XH558 Coin and Patch Set

Vulcan XH558 Coin and Patch Set



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Vulcan XH558 Coin and Patch Set

This coin and patch set celebrates one of the RAF’s longest serving aircraft and the star of British airshows for many years, with the RAF and in later years with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, Vulcan XH558.

XH558, possibly the most famous of the iconic Vulcan aircraft, flew in operational service between 1960 and 1984. After which she was selected for display duties with the RAF’s Vulcan Display Flight (VDF), making her display debut at the TVS Airshow in Bournemouth in May 1985. The display Vulcan was the representative of all Vulcan squadrons and it was painted with the insignia of No.1 Group (a black panthers head).

After her restoration and return to flight in 2007, XH558 flew her second display career continuing to sport the panther’s head. The panthers head remains in place on XH558 today, along with The Spirit of Great Britain  text – a description that was applied to XH558 on her 50th anniversary in 2010.


  • Featured on one side of the coin is the iconic delta-shape of the Vulcan with the Union Flag in the background. ‘The Spirit of Great Britain’  is arcing over the top with ‘VULCAN B.2 XH558’ around the bottom.
  • The reverse of the coin displays the panther’s head on a camouflage inspired background.

The coin measures 50mm in diameter and comes in a fitted black presentation box.


The patch displays the panther’s head next to the iconic Vulcan shape, with ‘The Spirit of Great Britain’ text arcing over the top. The background of the patch is representative of the position of the panther’s head and the text on the aircraft.