Vulcan’s Hammer

Vulcan’s Hammer



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Vulcan’s Hammer

Following the end of World War II the United Kingdom embarked on an audacious program of aircraft and weapons development to maintain its position as a world power. This led ultimately to the V-bombers; Valiant, Victor, and Vulcan, that carried the British nuclear deterrent from the mid 1950s until replaced by Polaris in the late 1960s.

Prior to the V-bombers, the British aviation industry examined a number of schemes to deliver that deterrent, such as Blue Moon, while their intended replacements, the supersonic Avro 730 and English Electric P.10, could have been the most advanced aircraft in the world in 1960. As political and military circumstances changed, the V-force adopted new concepts, specifically the American Skybolt and the patrol missile carriers: the Pofflers.

Running in parallel with aircraft development were a number of programs to advance V-bomber weaponry. In addition to free-fall bombs, the UK aviation industry undertook development of missiles and the associated propulsion and guidance systems, and in Blue Steel, created the most complex vehicle ever produced in the UK. As well as arming the Victor and Vulcan, Blue Steel was to form the basis of a range of weapons for TSR.2 and Mirage IV, test vehicles, and satellite launchers.

Illustrated with more than 200 photographs and drawings plus new colour artwork, Vulcan’s Hammer presents the story of an alternative V-force and its armament providing a wealth of fascinating information for historians, aviation enthusiasts and modelers alike.