The Vulcan Experience

The New Visitor Attraction at Doncaster Sheffield Airport


Honouring the Past, Inspiring the Future

ABOUT The Vulcan Experience

VTST is proud to present a major new proposal to build The Vulcan Experience, a dedicated new home for Avro Vulcan XH558 at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) that will embody our guiding principles: to honour those who served the country in the past, and to inspire future generations to help maintain the United Kingdom’s historic role at the forefront of innovation in aviation.

We are seeking to deliver a novel facility that will transform the aspirations of youngsters.

Central to this will be inspiring youngsters to pursue careers in aerospace, engineering and technology. This is particularly relevant to the South Yorkshire region, where educational aspiration and attainment, especially in STEM, needs to improve. It is these youngsters who will become the engineers and technicians of the future, devising and implementing the technical solutions needed to overcome the global climate challenge. They can start their journey in VTST’s exciting Green Technology Hub – a unique initiative central to The Vulcan Experience

Seventy years ago, in that era of international crisis known as the Cold War, engineers strove against time to design and develop a remarkably innovative aircraft, the Vulcan, to carry the Nation’s strategic nuclear deterrent. We now need the engineers of today and tomorrow to design and develop the innovative solutions to the urgent global climate change challenge.


What Will be in The Vulcan Experience?

Avro Vulcan






Central to The Vulcan Experience will be the Avro Vulcan XH558 – The Spirit of Great Britain – she will be maintained in full working order, and through ground runs and taxying, will continue to thrill her supporters for years to come.

VTST will educate and inform visitors in the story of the Vulcan’s Past:

The Cold War, its origins, events and conclusion, and the relevance of deterrence to today’s world.

The RAF’s V-Force and V-Bomber stations; what life was like in an RAF V-Force station.

The Vulcan’s history, and that of the other V-Force aircraft; the Falklands Conflict.

Technical innovations in the British aircraft of the time and the weapons they carried.

The story of Vulcan XH558: her RAF career, restoration to flight and operation in air displays.

Visitors will be able to watch and take part in demonstrations and hands-on activities – the Tinkering Zone.












The Trust will install a major national memorial to the V-Force crews outside the hangar, as a fitting tribute to all those who kept us safe through the dark years of the Cold War
The Green Technology Hub will be focused very much on the Future:

The Green Technology Hub will explain the environmental challenges faced by aviation, especially for the engaged and concerned members of “Generation Z” – age range 4 to 24.

Importantly, the Green Technology Hub will demonstrate how engineers and their ideas will result in significant improvement over time of the effect that aviation will have on the environment.






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