Attack on Sorpe Dam Film Booklet – George “Johnny” Johnson’s Dambusters Story

Attack on Sorpe Dam Film Booklet – George “Johnny” Johnson’s Dambusters Story



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Attack on Sorpe Dam Film Booklet – George “Johnny” Johnson’s Dambusters Story
A Film by Andrew Panton & Piotr Forkasiewicz, featuring George “Johnny” Johnson

Booklet Contents
The booklet gives a film overview, followed by statements from the producer, Andrew Panton, and the narrator, George “Johnny” Johnson – the last Dambuster. This glossy booklet contains images of Johnny visiting the Sorpe Dam, along with detail of the visual effects and digital character creation that feature in this awesome film.

The Story
Attack on Sorpe Dam is a film based on a true story of an event set within the context of the RAF bomber offensive on Germany, during the Second World War.  The story features a first-hand account from the perspective of George “Johnny” Johnson, a young 21 year old RAF 617 Squadron bomb aimer.

The film follows the story of Johnny and his aircrew from March 1943, on joining a newly formed squadron, for a top secret, special operation that has the potential to shorten the war in Europe.

The film features the dangerous low flying training and highly unusual bombing practices, leading up to the operational briefing on May 16th 1943. Johnny and his crew finally discover what they are expected to do and are presented with what seems like an impossible task. They are to fly at 100 feet in a four engine Lancaster bomber at night, over many miles of occupied enemy territory. On reaching the target, they need to drop a new weapon that has never before been tried operationally, with pin-point accuracy and in a way they had not practiced and then make their way back home safely.

Johnny provides a fascinating insight from an aircrew perspective throughout the training and lead up to the Dambusters operation, culminating with a unique insight into how his Lancaster attacked the Sorpe dam.

Narrator’s Statement
After all these years I feel a great sense of satisfaction that there is now a film dedicated to the attack on the Sorpe dam. A film that covers the complete story from the time Lancaster AJ-T took off from RAF Scampton, to the time the aircraft returned after the operation. As the last remaining crew member of Lancaster AJ-T, I feel proud to have been able to represent the men I flew with and to tell the story as it actually happened, in terms of reaching the target, attacking the target and returning home safely.
Within the broader context of the Dambusters story I am pleased to see a film that helps people understand that there was rather more to the dams raid than the Möhne and Eder dams, although they were of equal importance and just as difficult to attack.

George “Johnny” Johnson