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Seventy years ago, Britain led the world in aircraft design. The Avro Vulcan is the iconic example from that era of aerospace engineering at its world-beating best. Its impressive list of technical innovations includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft. The Vulcan delivered performance and agility much closer to a jet fighter’s than a bomber’s.

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Vulcan XH558 Inspiring Young People: Engineering Day, Saturday 23 July

Not our usual engineering day as it was the day before we ground run on the Sunday. As we knew we were planning to taxy the aircraft we had a couple of gremlins to sort out. One being putting the finishing touches to a Powered Flying Control Unit (PFCU) repair…

The Royal International Air Tattoo Airshow 2022 Report by Bob Jackson

On a pleasant Thursday morning the Events Team rolled into the village for the Royal International Air Tattoo. The date 14th July, the location RAF Fairford, the objective to support the aims of the Trust through interaction with the general public. Why was this event so different from previous… Well…

A Long Overdue Reunion – by Ed Whitaker

On Sunday 24th July there were two long-overdue reunions. Firstly with XH558, not seen in the flesh since the early 1970’s, and with Adrian Sumner, not seen in the flesh since the late 1980’s! Invited by Carolyn Cordran (from our mutual Buccaneer Aviation Group (TBAG) involvement), it was such a…

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Blog: VTST Volunteer Malcolm Stainforth

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it certainly takes an army of supporters and volunteers to look after a heritage aircraft. One of the volunteers who gives his time to ensure that Avro Vulcan XH558…

Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent Development – Part 12

On 4 October 1957, the Soviet Union began the Space Age by launching Sputnik 1. It was the world’s first artificial satellite – so called to distinguish them from natural satellites such as the Earth’s Moon. The advancement in Soviet…

The Genesis of the Turbojet: Whittle to Power Jet Engines – Part 1

In March 2019, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust were priviledged to organise a special evening in the wonderful surroundings of Gatwick Aviation Museum. The guest speaker was Ian Whittle, son of Sir Frank Whittle – the greatest aero-engineer of…

Cold War Stories: Red Steer – The Firebar Affair

An espionage story from 1966 – by Jim Debenham, VTST Volunteer If this were a fictional story it would have been written by none other than Ian Fleming, with James Bond as the lead character. During the heady days of…

Dr Robert Pleming | 16 April 1951 – 2 February 2021

Robert Pleming was born in north-west London. He was awarded an RAF Flying Scholarship at the age of seventeen that cemented his lifelong love of aviation. After gaining a BA in Physics and Doctorate at the Department of Nuclear Physics…

Skybolt Programme Cancellation – 22 December 1962

The UK was the third country, after the United States and the Soviet Union, to develop and test nuclear weapons. The research and development of such weapons began during World War II, with participation from Canada, in the classified ‘Tube…

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The Vulcan and Canberra have a rich history to explore and learn from. From the V-Force, to high altitude records being broken. Here, we uncover the bits you may not know about your favourite aircraft.

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The story started with the world’s most ambitious and complex technical restoration project, an award-winning aspiration to return one of the world’s most iconic aircraft to the skies, Vulcan XH558. Now, after meeting all the objectives, delighting more than two million people every year and inspiring new generations of young people, Vulcan to the Sky Trust is entering an exciting new phase of the narrative.

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Models, t-shirts, jumpers and more! Our webstore has a huge selection of aircraft memorabilia to choose from, with all proceeds going to help keep Vulcan XH558 and WK163 safe.

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