Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Gift Aid

Please note: Gift Aid cannot be applied to merchandise, but can be applied to all Donations.

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows UK Tax payers to make an allowance against their tax payments towards charitable giving. If you pay tax on earnings or savings to the UK Government, you can award Gift Aid. It costs you nothing and we do all the paperwork.

You have only to click on the appropriate box on the drop down menu to confirm that you wish us to claim. This allows us to add a massive 25% to all your donations and at no cost at all to you. So for example every £10 you give to XH558 can become £12.50.

By clicking the Yes statement you are confirming that we can claim Gift Aid on your donation. You are also confirming that you are a UK tax payer and the amount of your income/capital gains tax is greater than the tax the Trust will reclaim in a single tax year.

To qualify, Gift Aid on your charitable donations must never exceed the amount of tax you pay in any one financial year and for higher rate tax payers, it can actually be very tax efficient. Please consult a financial advisor if you wish to make a sizeable donation.


If you are unhappy with any product or item of clothing and wish to exchange for something else/another size or take a refund, then please return to us within 28 days, together with a covering note, your Order Number and Address details. We will then replace or reply accordingly. (A copy of your delivery note would be ideal).