The Vulcan Year (2008)

The Vulcan Year (2008)



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The Vulcan Year (2008)

In 1992 the RAFs last Avro Vulcan was due an expensive major service. Deemed too costly for the public purse, it was the end of the Vulcan Display Flight.

But the determined campaign to return XH558 to the sky did not stop and after 15 years of perseverance with massive public support The Vulcan to the Sky Trust completed perhaps the largest and most complex aircraft restoration project ever undertaken.

She flew again on the 18th of October 2007 and so began a spectacular and eventful year, The Vulcan Year.

It was a year of anticipation and acclamation but also frustration and bad luck. The extraordinary weather conditions she flew in (and didnt fly in!) just added to the drama.

We cover the historic first flight, the emotional debut displays at RAF Waddington, the flypast with the AVRO Lancaster and several other airshow appearances including stunning displays at a packed out Farnborough and gleaming beauty at RAF Wytons Sunset Parade.

We glimpse behind the scenes and join the crew for the last flight to Bruntingthorpe with an onboard camera. The in-cockpit footage and crew communications make compelling viewing.

The year ends in pride and achievement but have we just recorded the last ever Vulcan flight? Without a major sponsor and funds running out, the management team report their plans.

Running Time: Approx 80 minutes