Vickers Valiant: Jock Bryce

Arranging in the late 1970’s to visit ‘Jock’ Bryce, test pilot for Vickers who flew the first flight of the first V Bomber. He lived next to where it happened at Wisley airfield. He signed my books and then showed me where his log books were burned in a ‘Spring clean’! Modest guy.

RAF Mildenhall Air Shows

Going back to the late 70’s & most of the 80’s, we (me, mum, dad & younger brother) went to the Mildenhall Air Show in Suffolk every year. I still can remember vividly the magnificence of hearing the Vulcan (you heard it before you saw it!!) as it came over to do it’s display, & […]

Seeing Vulcan Test Flights

In late 1955 I was carrying out square-bashing at RAF Wilmslow, Cheshire at the commencement of National Service. This recruit Training Centre was just a few miles from Woodford where the Vulcans were assembled. Part of the training programme was for recruits to be marched to Woodford to see this work in process. My most […]

Amazing Vulcan flight from Woodford (June 61)

With a one year gap between grammar school and university I opted into an undergraduate apprenticeship at Avro’s. After a very full 9 months at Chadderton with 3 weeks experience in each production department I was moved to Woodford’s flight test department under Larry Trier. My main project was measuring wing tip deflection during in-flight […]

Vulcan on Midway

As a US Navy aviation maintenance tech on Midway Island in 1976, I assisted a pair of Vulcans who were tasked with monitoring atmospheric radiation from above ground nuclear tests that was drifting over the Pacific. I’ll remember they arrived with a keg of fine ale in the bomb bay as a gift for the […]

My Dad

My dad got his job in august 1952, at Woodford, as an industrial photographer, working many hours on the Vulcan. We didn’t have a telephone in those days, but could hear her engines start up from where we lived, so mum always new when dad would be working overtime.

RAF Leconfield

I grew up in Hull and took up cycle racing in the early 1960’s with Hull Thursday Road Club. The club held regular time trials and the 10 mile course took us past RAF Leconfield, near Beverley. It was not unusual to experience a V bomber taking off over our heads when racing! Simply awesome […]

Squadron Flying

My lasting memory is from one afternoon in the early 80’s when I was living at Bottesford near Grantham. I was walking to the local paper shop when I saw a Vulcan flying overhead quite low, then another one, and another. In all I think there were about 8 of them flying line astern. I […]

The Vulcan When I was a Child

When I was a little girl I lived in a little village near RAF Marham, the Pilot who used to fly the Vulcan there had parents who lived in my village so he used to fly her over my village really low and I would be in the primary school playground watching out, he also […]