Haynes Blackburn/BAE Buccaneer Owners’ Workshop Manual

Haynes Blackburn/BAE Buccaneer Owners’ Workshop Manual



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Haynes Blackburn/BAE Buccaneer Owners’ Workshop Manual
All marks (1958-94) – Insights into the design, operation and preservation of the iconic Cold War carrier-borne and overland strike jet
Author: Keith Wilson

At the peak of its service in the early 1980s there were few aircraft that could fly as fast, as low or as far as the amazing Buccaneer – and not one could do all three.
At low level it was very clear how the Blackburn jet earned the nickname ‘Easy Rider’.

Designed and built in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War, the Blackburn Buccaneer entered service with the Royal Navy in 1961 as a carrier-borne strike aircraft. Operating from Royal Navy aircraft carriers to deliver nuclear weapons and conventional ordnance in anti-shipping strikes against Soviet warships in the North Sea area, the Navy later transferred its Buccaneers to the RAF in 1969 where they were used in the overland strike role. The aircraft saw combat during Gulf War 1 in 1991 before the last Buccaneers were retired from service three years later.

Buccaneers were also operated by the South African Air Force from 1965 to 1991, seeing action in the South African Border War over Angola and Namibia, and launching attacks on SWAPO guerrilla camps during the 1970s and 80s.

Thanks to The Buccaneer Aviation Group (TBAG) at Bruntingthorpe, author Keith Wilson has been afforded rare and privileged access to their superb collection of Buccaneer jets, giving him a detailed close-up look at operational and maintenance procedures. Supported by more than 300 photographs and illustrations, the Haynes Blackburn/BAE Buccaneer Manual provides a comprehensive insight into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of this iconic Cold War warrior.

Author: Air-to-air photographer and aerospace journalist Keith Wilson is the author of Red Arrows in Camera and RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in Camera, RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Manual, if Avro Shackleton and Vickers/BAC VC10 Ma Haynes. He lives in Cambridgeshire.

ISBN: 9781785211164
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