PVC Patch – Vulcan XH558 Tail Fin

PVC Patch – Vulcan XH558 Tail Fin



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PVC Patch – Vulcan XH558 Tail Fin

Detailed PVC patch of the tail fin of Avro Vulcan XH558.

Above XH558’s serial number, the tail fin displays the RAF low-visibility fin flash which is used on camouflaged aircraft. Matching low-visibility roundels can be found on the fuselage and upper wings of the Vulcan.

Above the fin flash the City of Lincoln Crest is displayed. On 25 April 1959, RAF Waddington was granted the Freedom of the City of Lincoln. Since then all Waddington aircraft have carried the City Crest. Vulcan XH558 was delivered to Waddington on 1 July 1960 becoming the first Vulcan B.Mk2 to enter service with the RAF. The crest was painted on her tail shortly after arrival.

At the top of the fin is the Union Flag.

Did you know? When flags are painted onto the tail fin of an aircraft, the flag on the port side will display the flag as you’d expect to see it on a flag pole (i.e. the flagpole on the left). The opposite starboard side should show the reverse, as if the flag was actually attached to a pole (i.e. the flagpole on the right).

This patch is attached to your clothes or bags by hook and loop. There are two pieces to the patch – one with the hooks and the other with the loops. Fix the loop fastener piece to your garment or bag. Then attach the PVC hook piece onto the loop fastener to keep the patch in place.

  • 88mm (3.5″) diameter
  • Velcro back to sew onto clothing, bags, etc.


PVC patches are made for durability and strength. The detail in the artwork is crisp and precise and the colours are vibrant, bringing the design to life. PVC patches are so durable, that they will not fade, fray, crack or peel under tough use.

Benefits of PVC patches:

  • Long-lasting
  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Can withstand any type of environment
  • Light-weight
  • Flexible